Monday, 25 April 2011

Ok people I intend to design a simple blogskin soon without using all these boxes. Just a normal, simple layout. I'm not sure when I'll be done with this, though. Hopefully I can finish it during my June holidays.

Now doing homework and studying for exams.... zzz...




Sunday, 24 April 2011

HCM City - Day Seven

I knew this problem would arise. I forgot to resize the picture to the optimum size.

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Day Seven. This is the picture outside the hotel we've been staying in for the first two nights.

Image Hosted by

Daily street activites.

Image Hosted by

Taking pictures of almost everything before leaving Ho Chi Minh City. But wait, we actually visited yet another place first!

Image Hosted by

The great Ho Chi Minh, for whom the city's named after. This place shows Vietnam's long history (not only during the Vietnam War, but way before that... The invasion of Mongols, the Ly Dynasty of Vietnam...)

Image Hosted by

Damn I forgot what this picture was about.

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Random pictures...

Image Hosted by

And the highlight of the day... The water puppet show! Basically they move the puppets behind that green curtain and the puppet appears on the surface of the water.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
By Openknow at 2011-04-16

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It was pretty scary at first seeing this puppet "jumping" upwards and latching itself on the bamboo pole. It'd be cool to find out how they actually did that.

Image Hosted by

I actually have a video of the puppet show, but I'm not sure if I can upload it or not. Anyway, I realised that it would go to Youtube, and I doubt anyone wants to see a water puppet show, so nevermind...

Image Hosted by

The outside of the place. After this, we went back to Singapore.

Image Hosted by

Class photo with my tour guide (he's wearing the sunglasses). I'm on the extreme right, kneeling down.

Image Hosted by

The plane wing.

And that's it, the seven days in Vietnam. I do hope you enjoy the photos. And starting from today... The blog will get boring with almost no pictures at all... Because there is little to post about. But I'll will definitely try to post once per week.




Sunday, 17 April 2011

Due to massive amount of homework i only can't upload the pictures today. I have finished uploading the pictures to imageshack (it was 74 MB of pictures) but I have to prepare for a presentation tomorrow. Ah well... Life sucks. Can't wait for a holiday...



Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ahoy there!

I have begun uploading photos of HCM city on Imageshack. It should be ready by this Sunday.

Recently, I've received a hell lot of homework. I decided to procrastinate (no homework due tomorrow, and the day after is a Saturday!) and attempt my homework later. I've decided to write a bit on my present life now, as it has been a long time since I did so.

Right now, I'm in an accelerated science class where my friends around me are way better than I am. I did not know how to do an entry test to enter the class, and randomly put in answers as a result (most were mulitple-choice questions, so there's 1/4 chance of getting the question correct), and somehow managed to enter the class by luck. Which means actually, I don't belong there at all. I scored quite badly in the first term examinations. So I was being overshadowed again. Then, I have a hell lot of projects to do (all related to science). I'm also participating in two science olympiads and I'm going to do damn badly for both. This is the 2009 international paper that was given out (we still had a national one first).

Almost died when I saw the paper. So how did I actually manage to enter (not the national level yet, still the school level)? We had to take a test to enter this competition. And once again, the paper was so difficult and everything was MCQ so I randomly put in numbers again that indicated choices. And hell, I entered the competition through luck yet again.

From here, I deduce that, when I perform badly, it's actually normal; when I perform well, it's always because of luck and nothing else.

Life sucks.

Anyway that's my life now. Boring and stressful, and dark from being in the shadows. And I have no ability to change this fact.




Sunday, 10 April 2011

Screw! I blew my Picasa 1GB limit! Now I can only upload the photos of the last day on imageshack. I'll post the same way as i did, but this time i'll attempt to show the pictures from imageshack by using the HTML.

It should be up by next Sunday, owing to the sudden avalanche of homework from my school :(



Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day Six - Bus Trip

Day 6 was like day 4 except that there was nothing to anticipate about. The following day was the day we would return to Singapore. I remember telling my friends the previous day that I wanted to sleep and never woke up again in this beautiful city. I ended up oversleeping. Was supposed to wake up at 5am, but woke up at 6.30am instead (my friend rang the doorbell to return something). Damn cool. Shows that we should be careful what we wish for.

So along the way, we visited a tea factory with plantations all around.

Inside the factory.

Dandelions! I was blowing and kicking every single one I could see, to disperse the seeds. Which means I'll probably damage the plantation; they're weeds :P

In the bus. 

Around 6pm when we reached HCM city again.

And that's all. Day six was indeed boring. And worse still, nobody wanted this day to arrive. Like I said earlier, the next day was the day we would return home. And we'll get more stress from alot of homework...

Thinking of this day made me regret, why I didn't try to treasure every single moment I was there.



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