Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Today I went to Davis Guitar shop to look at some guitars.

I initially wanted a flying V-shaped electric guitar, but realised how awkward it felt sitting down and playing, since I'm used to leaning onto the guitar body and the V-shape of the ltd v-300 didn't allow for that. So the guy introduced to me the LTD H-351 FR. It feels damn good playing it.

However, I don't know what to do with my present guitar.

After all, it's my first guitar, but it was a display set. As a result the truss rod and the screws are all rusting quite badly. The tuning head for the guitar is damaged and the last E string loses its tune very quickly. There is also noticeable fret buzz.

Still, it stuck with me for three years, and was the guitar which helped me improve my technique (not a lot though). Thinking of selling it away or chucking it in a corner makes me feel damn bad. I don't even know if I can sell it away or not, given its condition. It still works, just that it doesn't look that great with everything rusted. And I don't wish for it to suffer the same fate as my classical guitar, sitting in the corner in the room, untouched for a long time, abandoned.

I don't understand. Why must parting be so difficult? If I never had feelings, perhaps I could make an easier decision. I won't feel the pain of selling away the old guitar. I have one month more of holidays (school starts in Feb since I'm 17 next year), which I intend to work to pay for the new guitar, priced at around S$850. But when that time comes, would I be able to part with my old guitar? Or should I just keep it? But even if I kept it, what good would it do to the guitar? I know that I won't be touching it anymore when I have the new one. I also tend to treat inanimate objects with feelings, and cannot help but think what would my old guitar feel if I were to get a new one.

If only I never jumped the gun and bought my present guitar. But if I never did that, I wouldn't have a band right now, and I probably won't know more about guitars.

Life is so complicated. >.<



Sunday, 16 December 2012


I am back from a 3-week NCC course, the Cadet Officers' Course. It was from 26 Nov all the way to last Friday. I'm glad I survived the three weeks, especially since I live quite far away from HQ NCC. Although it was three weeks, it was actually pretty slack, and there were quite a few occasions where the heavy rain stopped us from being able to carry out the activities, such as the flying fox.

Now I'll have a free week, before going to Korea for a holiday starting on the 23rd Dec. Then I'll post a lot of photos here for all to see.



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