Friday, 30 July 2010

Today was cross-country day for my school. But no one ran. Except for shelter. Not a very good day indeed.

When I reached West Coast Park, I went to the toilet at MacDonald's. Some idiot jammed a toilet roll (the cardboard) into the toilet bowl and it cannot flush. There was another sick object there as well, but saying so would cause some people to vomit after their food. Sick indeed.

I went outside, and the place was great. Dark clouds hovered over. Strong winds blew. Extremely nice weather for running. But then the weather got worse. Since I was the chairman i was supposed to get everyone to gather at the big field at west coast. But someone knew not how to get to the field so I went to the MacDonald's Drive Thru to get him. Then it rained, extraordinarily heavily, and both of us, along with two prefects, were stuck under the shelther of the drive thru.

10 minutes passed and both of us were saved by the head prefect of the school (kind soul =D). But there was no way we could get back to the field (my bag was on the field, I didn't take it).
So we were allowed to enter MacDonalds for shelter while waiting for the rain to stop.

But it didn't, and more people came streaming in. The result? An extraordinarily packed MacDonalds. No space to move at all. Then we were told that the run has been postponed and we could go. It was 0930. And I forgot to take my attendance list and pen. Luckily I remembered who came. But I was supposed to take attendance at the end of the run (or when we had to leave), and there was no way I could find some others, although I had some people with me. I managed to get out of MacDonald's, but the outside, having a shelter, was packed as well, such that I was told someone fell into the pond outside MacDonald's. I shouted and managed to squeeze through, using my umbrella (someone saved by bag). I brought a friend to the bus stop and noticed that the drain has became the West Coast River. Fast flowing water indeed. Luckily the surrounding areas weren't flooded.

I waited for my friends as I had to go back to school to do a project. After waiting like 15 minutes, I have two friends with me, and I decided to go to the bus stop all the way back, hoping that it won't be crowded. I was wrong again. By that time my entire body was wet. Terrible. Then the traffic on the road started moving, but this van did not, and a car behind rammed into the van. The van was dented at the back. Too bad I don't have a video of it. First time I saw a road accident. The bang was freaking loud. After another 10 minutes of wait bus 175 came and everyone boarded the bus. Went back to clementi, but we needed to dry ourselves, so we ended up going to the dark shopping centre right in front of clementi mrt station. It was 1030. Another friend joined us while we were eating there. Then we went back to school, me without wearing socks (wet socks can give problems).

Entered the school library to do a poster for my project. No one bought a corrugated board. We were as good as wasting our time. But walking barefooted on the library floor which was some sort of fibre was damn nice. After 2 hours of preparing stuff to paste on a board to be bought, one friend (the guy who joined us while I was eating at that dark shopping centre) and I went opposite for lunch (1345 hours). But neither of us were hungry; I just went there because I had a stomache. And guess what? Another idiot sat so deep behind on the toilet seat such that when he did his business, the back part of the seat was soiled. I don't need to explain what it was soiled with. But luckily it was far behind on the toilet seat. Basket.

Took bus to Dover, and ate mashed potatoes there. Then took MRT home. At home, while playing master of puppets (metallica) on my electric guitar, my skin tore open. Basket. No more playing. Shouldn't have played too hard...

So overall, it was a soaking wet, disgusting and skin-opening day. And for some odd reason, I don't feel happy today. Not because of the above events, though...




Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Today marks the day where I have stopped attending classical guitar lessons. It's not that I don't want to continue, but the fees skyrocketed ($80) although I am only starting Grade 3. Therefore, I have decided to stop learning from a teacher.

But I'll continue learning to play it on my own.

I am now learning some exotic musical scales, like the Hungarian Minor Scale, which has a nice sound to me. The formula:


In other words, it's the harmonic minor scale, except that it has a raised fourth degree. Nice sound indeed. An example would be the A Hungarian Minor Scale: A-B-C-D#-E-F-G#-A

But apparently I still can't play fast.

Anyways, today was a boring day in school. First I had english common test. Situational writing. Formal letter. Waste. Of. Time. 1 hour of life wasted. Then came the other lessons. But nothing interesting happened.




Friday, 23 July 2010

Today was a fine day. And so for yesterday. And so for wednesday. Except for an unknown lump on my chin.

On Tuesday, I had my lifeguard test. Indeed, it was horrible, seeing that we were tested stuff that we hardly learnt or practised. So the verdict?

We didn't fail, it's just that we didn't pass.

Now, that sounds very optimistic indeed. But the second line still says we fail. Except that the instructors haven't submitted to the some whatever lifesaving society that we failed the test. It was before swimming that I realised I had a lump on my chin. And it hurts badly.

On wednesday, it was charity cafe day. It's the day where you get scammed for buying food at extraordinarily high prices just for charity. My class was selling nachos, milk tea and some chinese dumplings. We earned a profit of $500+. Note that it's profit, not total amount we gathered from selling. I skipped my CCA to visit the doctor due to the lump on my chin. Doctor said it could be skin infection and gave me antibiotics (there goes my stomach). Apparently I think it's true, because I found an inflamed lymph node on my neck below the chin. And lymph nodes swell when there's an infection.

On thursday, it was school day. Basically, nothing exciting happened. The lump on my chin hurts even more badly, but it sort of grew smaller in size.

On friday, I had someone accidentally smack that lump on my chin. Hurts for 10+ min. Freaking damn bloody hell pain. The lump grew a little smaller, yet the intensity of the pain did not decrease.

Well, that's all. Let's find out more about the lump. And hopefully it's only a skin infection, for a lump can be the cause of many diseases. And my lymph node hurts too.




Monday, 19 July 2010

Today, my class visited the Bethany Methodist Home. It wasn't quite what I expected, but it was still a success.

Prior to the visit we made many preparations. I was one of the few people performing for the old folks. I was also meant to be the emcee speaking hokkien (what a joke). We all thought that all the old folks would gather in one room, where we start playing music before playing the game Bingo(TM) with them (I thought it was, anyway). Apparently I was wrong, and my efforts to learn to speak hokkien (I can understand but not speak) were wasted.

Instead of playing in front of a group of people, those people playing bingo with the people there and those performing were split into two groups. We had to keep moving around the home, playing instruments here and there, but it was still fine. We had a saxophonist with us and he plays damn well. I obviously played guitar, and my other friend who was supposed to play on the piano used my guitar instead. Apparently I only memorised one song; I thought I had to play once. Turns out, I had to play the same song many times for different groups of people.

The first group I played for had totally no reaction to the music at all (except one, he seemed interested). I was playing the chinese song “月亮代表我的心”, as I thought many of the people there would recognise the tune. But they had little reaction to the music, all except one, who actively and joyfully sang along while I was playing. Great singing, she had. It seems she had a wide knowledge of music. I also met someone who was good in speaking english and seemed really lively although his lower half of his body was paralysed due to some mishap that happened. The moment we met him, he did not hesitate to shake our hands and introduce himself. Although his speech was slurred, we could still hear him. Very lively indeed.

After "touring" the home as a "solo artist" I returned to some room to listen to someone talk about the home itself before going home.

Great place to visit. It's good to do good work indeed.

And tomorrow, I will be taking my lifeguard test. After postponing the test date numerous times, the date was finally set to tomorrow. Damn. Hopefully I pass this one, unlike BAWC...

=D (home) + =( (test)




Sunday, 18 July 2010

Yes, I have changed my URL, as I stated on MSN under my personal message. I don't want to be linked to the music industry company of the same name (, so I decided to change the URL. Right, do relink me.



Yesterday was a bad day indeed.

I had to return back to the NCC HQ campus to retake my aeromodelling test so that I could get the badge. I failed the course, the subsequent test two weeks after, the week after the two weeks (I didn't even get to fly), and yesterday.

Apparently I was told by my senior that I could pass the test today based on my flying when he saw my practice flight. However, when I was tested by another person, it seems the plane kept pitching up (nose facing upwards). I tried pitching down (pushing the left gimbal stick all the way) and yet it did not face downwards; rather it just faced forward before pitching up again. The result? The plane kept flying so high I could hardly see it. I guess it's the wind, because when my plane faced the opposite direction I could pitch down, unfortunately I guess my reaction's damn slow, the plane flew extremely far out. I tried to recover the plane but my tester took control, and I think it was too late to save the plane, for the plane flew behind a tree and disappeared. I tried to find the plane but it was totally missing; I couldn't find it anywhere. Luckily I wasn't the first to fly; there was only one more girl who would fly after I did (I apologised, yes, for it was my fault she had to return the next saturday or two sats later). And there goes the badge as well.

Guess I need to return two saturdays after again.

Then there was the lifeguard swimming test that will be held on the 20th of July. Oh damn. Let's hope I pass the test.


But on the other hand, my friends and I at ACS(I) had came to a decision to play what song.

Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Sweet. I was able to play the song. But my group still does not have a good percussionist capable of playing drums without letting his arms fly out. Perhaps I should use MIDI on the keyboard that can produce drum sounds and ask the guy who's playing flute to play the keyboard.


So overall, the smiley at the end:




Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ah. I got my first electric guitar! Finally! It's a CORT guitar (nope, ain't a Fender, just a starter guitar), with a Peavy amplifier. Unfortunately, due to the requirement of mains electricity by the amplifier and that no one can stand metal music (even in my family), I can only play for like 30 minutes. -.- But the distortion's cool. Sounds like the guitar in the 1960s. Maybe I should add a treble booster to make the guitar sound like Brian May's (of Queen).

I got the guitar for my upcoming music project, where we have to form a band and play music. Being one of the three metalheads in my class, I obviously wanted to play metal, and teamed up with another metalhead, unfortunately two people were in our so-called band that forbade us from playing metal. One could play the flute, but does not mind playing percussion, although not the drum set, and the other who only wants to play songs from the band "Muse". And I don't listen to that band. In fact that guy was the only one who listen to Muse in my class in I'm not wrong. So now it came to a point where we decided to play Hysteria by Muse (which is really noisy because of the fuzzed bass that produces a shit lot of harmonics), although I don't really like the song.

Muse - Hysteria .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

What a letdown. I was thinking of playing Iron Maiden. Then there's no drummer in my class (one just started three months ago, from what I heard). There's only one double bassist in my class. So no metal, unless we use a drum machine or we prerecord the drum sounds with MIDI. Then we could play Run To The Hills.

Guess I won't be able to play metal anymore. But I'm not sure about the percussion in the song "Hysteria". My friend's gonna use a tambourine. Not a very good idea, so we may have to switch the song anytime to a slower beat, where I'm considering the song "Hysteria" by Def Leppard.^^

Def Leppard - Hysteria .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

What a letdown indeed...




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