Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ah. I survived my NCC camp.

Hell, the first day was really tiring (friday). We had to do drills for almost 2 hours continuously before going for lunch. Next we have Individual Fieldcraft where we learn what to do during war. We did exercises on a large synthetic field in my school. Hands were almost burnt. After that we had to do drills again. By the time it was night time, my entire body was aching already. I finally managed to sleep in my thin-layered sleeping bag on the hard floor with ceramic tiles at 12am. 10 minutes later I was awoken by shoutings by our seniors at my juniors. They were being tortured in the dead of the night. The shoutings were so noisy I couldn't sleep until around 1am.

Next day. Woke up and eat. Had selection for a competition. Since I was already selected, I could slack around along with the other cadets who were also already selected. In the afternoon we had amazing race that tired out my entire body and destroyed my voice, although it was fun. At night we had war games where some of us had to defend our base and the others have to steal flags from other people's bases. The worse bit was that my group was given an open area. And my boots was always stuck in the mud at the areas with grass. The seniors cheated by taking more than one flag of the same flag at once so all of us started cheating. When the games ended four cadets including myself were drilled close to midnight for selection of some parade on the next day. They needed two and one of them was kicked out, so I just volunteered to be kicked out so that the selections will end and all three of us can return to shower before sleeping. Slept at 1 am.

Last day. Apparently the seniors haven't chosen two cadets yet so all four of us were drilled again. But this time we were drilled by someone who was kind and quick to make a decision. I wasn't selected, but I didn't mind, since my entire body was aching badly and there was no point participating in an active role in the parade. After the two were selected we had a promotion parade where the seniors one year older than us were given the authority to boss us around next year.

Hell, the camp was freaking tiring.




Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oh damn. I screwed the whole band up yesterday.

Yesterday (Oct 28) was the day of the music competition. We were performing the song quite well until I decided to sing in the chorus of It's My Life by Bon Jovi. Then I started to screw the entire song up with my off-key singing. And the real singer suddenly lost his voice halfway through so I had to sing with my screwed-up voice, although he regained his voice thereafter. So we lost the competition.

At least the drummer won the best instrumentalist award for playing the drums well in 4 months.




Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Today was a great day.

First I had a science quiz to take. Although I dreaded it at first it was not bad actually. But one minor accident did happen, though. I had a friend spill amylase solution all over the paper we were supposed to submit (it was a group work consisting of theory and practical quizzes). The paper slowly turned black afterwards. If I am not wrong the only reason this happens is because the paper itself contains starch. So it was broken down into maltose and I'm sure it would start tasting sweet. Right, and the solution spilled all over my legs as well.

Overall it was still quite fun. It was nice seeing the paper being digested. Yeah, and we played with fire as well.

Following that my band and I went to the studio for practice for tomorrow's performance in front of the entire Year Two cohort. In 2 hours, we perfected the song, although the drummer made occasional mistakes on the drums. I'm not surprised we managed to perfect the song; it's really simple (It's My Life - Bon Jovi). But the singer didn't turn up, and I took over the vocals with my screwed-up voice yet again. And there's a possibility he won't be able to sing tomorrow; he claims to have a sore throat that lasted 2 weeks. But we can't prove whether he is lying or not, for it is certain that he is reluctant to perform.

Hell, sure hope we do not disgrace ourselves up on stage tomorrow by screwing up.

Wish me luck, everyone.




Monday, 25 October 2010

Oh yeah, I was asked by this internet friend of mine, vilda, whether I had a twitter account. Not the first time someone asked me such a question.

And yet I have been repeatedly ignoring people who ask me to create a facebook account. 

The reason? I don't want to make myself common with the other people. I know this sounds weird, but I'd rather stand out as another person rather than blend in with the trend. So I'd rather not have facebook. But I do know it makes me sound anti-social. I'm not saying that anyone that has fb or twitter will not stand out; but I know that if I do, I won't.



Today was a normal day. 

First thing in the morning was chapel session. Hell, was close to sleeping. But when the teachers catch you sleeping then you're doomed. I'd rather not risk it, so I tried my best not to sleep. The continuous drone of the pastor is an effective medicine for even the most terrible case of insomnia. 100% guaranteed. 

Right, the next lessons were all slack (well, exams have ended). Watched movies continously and had two hours of recess because my teacher forgot when our recess time was (it was 1120 to 1200 but he gave us recess time from 1000-1040, so effectively we had recess from 1000 to 1200). Luckily I wasn't scolded by him for not informing him about the actual time for recess (I was chairman of the class, dictator of the single-party dictatorship class committee which is purged by internal corruption, and it has been declining in power since the start of the year). If it was not the end of the year I would have attempted ideas in regaining power.

Anyways, I was caught in a dilemma while trying to choosing between two groups of students who will work on a certain project next year. I can't decide which to join. I guess I'll just leave it to my friends to argue among themselves until they come up with an agreement on which group I join. 

And then I was asked to clear my locker. And I always store all my textbooks in my locker. And I could only find two separate boxes after scouting around for boxes in recycling areas in my school and rummaging through them (hell) to find these two small boxes. At least with both boxes, I could store most of my books and files. Had to think for more than 30 minutes before I finally wasted money buying a roll of strong duct tape to tape the two boxes together to make it easier to carry them home. And the scouting came with extreme sweat, and by the time I was done taping the box (oh yeah, and i finished the roll), my entire uniform was soaked with sweat. With the heavy box(es) to bring home, a heavy schoolbag, and an extremely wet uniform, the journey home wasn't enjoyable. Not at all.

Upon reaching home I forgot to take out my ez-link card from my pocket and it was soaked. Hopefully it works tomorrow... Don't want to waste money making a new one.

And I have retyped this entire post again because I accidentally did a mouse gesture on opera browser whilst typing this post... Yeah and it brought me to this page on "Can I use shortcuts while editing on Blogger?". It was some fast-forward mouse gesture on Opera Browser and I don't get how it works, because I've never visited that site before. And I forgot to save a draft. 

Recently I also have unknown people who know my email and request to be on my MSN list. I suspect those are bots...

Tomorrow, I would go to the music studio yet again. This would be the one and only practice I will have with my band upon being forced to change songs for our performance this wednesday. So it would be the one and only, and the last. =(




Friday, 22 October 2010

Oh, the haze...

And the haze represents my life.

It was time to choose subjects to take in Year 3 next year. However, being indecisive, I could not come to a decision within a few hours.

Subjects that are offered include Language Arts, Higher Chinese (well, nobody allowed to quit it), Core Mathematics (Elementary Math with a little of additional math), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Studies, Advanced Mathematics (additional math which includes calculus), Art, Music, Geography, History, and Introduction to Human Societies (WTH?)

I decided to choose the subjects according to my end-year results.

Eng: 70/100
Higher Chi: 59/100 (Amazingly I didn't fail)
Literature: 72/100
Art: 66/100
Physical Sciences: 97.5/100
Life Sciences: 79/100 (Whoops, careless mistakes)
Geography: 87/100
History: 94/100
Mathematics: 89/100

So I decided to choose triple sciences and history. But I was told by others that advanced math is very important as well. Calculus is used a lot in physics, and not learning it could mean doing very badly for that subject. Yet, I knew all the topics that will be tested in history next year, which means it may be better for me to score well in that area. That's the first problem.

Then, since I was doing really badly for higher chinese, I was deciding whether to drop to normal chinese or not. But then my chinese teacher advised me not to, so I didn't. But I was still afraid that I made a wrong choice, until I was told that we are not allowed to quit higher chinese. That made me feel much better, yet worse, for I will be taking my O-Levels for chinese next year instead of the following year.

Lastly, having no interest in biology, I didn't know whether I should drop it or not.

Hell, I thought for a few hours pondering over the dilemmas.

Until I finally came up with a decision, although I'm still afraid that I made the wrong choice. I would choose Lang Arts, Higher Chinese, Core Math, Introduction to human societies (these are subjects we must choose; we can't make do without them), triple sciences, and advanced math. I decided that history would not benefit me in the future. Besides, humans never learn from mistakes. That's why we had world wars one and two.

But I still don't know if I made a right choice or not. Therefore, the haze that blankets over the entire Singapore Island depicts my life - a blurred future.




Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ah hell!!!

Not a very good week ahead anymore.

First, I'm going to have to lug my amplifier as well as guitar to school tomorrow because I can't use my friend's distortion pedal and the school's amplifier comes without overdrive or distortion settings. I seriously need to buy one (or make one) soon.

Next, was thinking of going back to the music studio to practice again this coming friday. Then I had to have NCC training on that day. Hell.

Then, my music group will have to perform in front of the entire Year Two students. Hell, and we don't have much time for practices because of all the CCAs that have already started.

Finally, just when I thought I could enjoy my holidays starting on the 29th of October, I had to have an NCC camp from 29th Oct to 31st Oct. And I have to return back to school on the 1st and 2nd of Nov. The camp.... -.-

Whoever said that life after exams is enjoyable is definitely wrong.




Friday, 15 October 2010

Ah, what a/an (insert whatever word you want here) day yesterday.

My friends and I booked a music studio to practise the song "livin on a prayer" by bon jovi YET AGAIN, and I must say we didn't perform as well as before. Spending two hours in a soundproofed room isn't a very good thing, and we actually performed only around 12 times of that four min song in the studio. Which means we wasted 72 mins of our time there. The 72 mins was for wasting time practising, adjusting the musical equipment (I tell you, the mike stinks, and I had to sing into it), and slacking around by randomly playing the drums and bass guitar.

Today. October 15th.

The same group of friends and I had to go for an audition today. For some "talent quest" performance or whatever. We screwed up pretty badly because the drums was one beat slower than the rest of us (which is interesting, seeing that the drums are the one that are supposed to keep the beat for all of us. Anyway, the teacher said we were as good as the other band playing the same song as us. Problem is, both groups are asked to change their songs so that the teacher can choose better. And our next audition is on next wednesday. 5 days from today.

We're doomed. We took 3 months the last time to perfect our playing. Now we have 5 days to do so...

Anyways we're changing our songs to either "Born To Be My Baby" or "Its My Life", both by Bon Jovi. The latter is much easier, but we're not sure if the other group has decided on this song too. If they did, then we'll go with the much-more-complicated former.




Wednesday, 13 October 2010


But it wasn't a really good day today.

First, I made several careless mistakes in my first math paper. Which means I could have scored full marks. Then I had to made those mistakes. Damn.

Next, I almost couldn't finish my second math paper in time. Which means I could not check if I made careless mistakes, since right after I was done with the math paper we were told to stop writing.

Then, I thought I could spend my entire day shredding on the guitar. Until I found out all the strings were rusty. While playing, one snapped, and I had to wait for a few hours to get a new set of strings. By the time then it was already 8pm.

Finally, I was so stupid I used a screwdriver to open the packaging by attempting to poke a hole through the packaging of strings, but I forgot my left hand was in the way. Ouch.

Luckily the skin did not tear open. But it still bled from the inside =(

So, not a very good day.


But on another note, I would like to welcome all those people whom I know not to my blog. Really nice of you to visit this almost-abandoned blog. ^^



Wednesday, 6 October 2010

And henceforth, my exams begin. I'll probably post something again next thursday when i'm finished with my exams. But by then there won't be any new things to type.

Let's see how badly i'll screw up for higher chinese.



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