Saturday, 28 November 2009

I'm irritated by the stupid email about Microsoft shutting down hotmail accounts.

First I receive one through a chain mail. And then I received another one asking me to send my username and password as a reply to that email. What the hell.

And they quote this website: as evidence.

The article is about charging surfers for services in MSN website, not about closing down hotmail accounts. And nobody bothers to read the caption in the website.

"Microsoft says that its hotmail service will still be free"

And there's another line.

"Microsoft stresses that the site's core facilities including Hotmail will remain free."

So if any one receive such an email, do everyone a favour and DON'T FORWARD IT.



Friday, 27 November 2009

Ah. I didn't know it was a public holiday today. =D

Went out to Chinatown, quite a large place, so warm and yet so many people. But then it rained halfway through. I think it was some People's Park place or whatever it is. All I know is that it's a large shopping mall with green walls I think. But then again I have serious short-term memory. Bought too many clothes (time wasted there).Then went to OG (damn it, clothes again), and finally to my grandmother's house.

Missing book
I have been searching the entire house for a book which I need to complete my holiday assignment for four days and yet I can't find it anywhere. I took out every single book from my bookshelf only to find out that I have wasted all my time because it wasn't there. Searched every single spot in the house, but still couldn't find it. And I didn't take it out of the house. Interesting, isn't it? Now I'm doomed. I can't finish my work, and I'm not sure if Popular or any other bookstores sell this particular book. Damn.

Excessive gaming
I wanted to post this yesterday because it happened yesterday, but I was distracted by other stuff, so I forgot about this. Anyway, nothing serious, nothing interesting either, but for the first time in my life, I completed a game in two days (with the credits rolling and the end of the game, where you can't play it anymore unless you delete the existing file and replay it again). The game? The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. If you know the game, you should know that it's a very long game with 14 bosses to defeat, each with many obstacles. And there are other stuff to do as well. I created a new game the day before, and played for the entire morning and afternoon (I took breakfast and lunch), and finished the game yesterday by playing for the entire morning and afternoon as well (I did take breakfast and lunch). The first time I took three years to complete the game. The second time I took a month. This was the third time. Hopefully my eyesight does not worsen. ;D




Thursday, 26 November 2009

I have just upgraded my links list to a flash based one, so if you can't view it, either the server's down, or you don't have flash installed as a plugin in your computer. Click here to get flash. I apologise for the grey background; I'm not a member so the website does not allow me to change the background colour...



Monday, 23 November 2009

Yesterday I went to watch the movie 2012 along with Cong Yang, Yong Kuan, Ming Wei, Cheryl, Kelly and Li Ting.

An amazingly long movie which lasted more than 2 hours (the longest I've watched so far), it is not at all boring. That's because everywhere around the world (in the movie, lah), countries are fragmenting and drifting apart, and some states sunk into the Pacific Ocean. Megatsunamis as high as some mountain (I think, from what I saw) crashed onto land everywhere, flooding land everywhere. And the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted with tremendous force that sent molten rocks very far away.

In the movie, the cause of this apocalypse was the melting of the Earth's inner core due to excessive heating , so the Earth's crust becomes unstable. The excessive heating was caused by a solar flare that released much more neutrinos than before that it started interacting with matter. So imagining land sinking into the ocean, and large fissures appearing out of nowhere. 50,000 people were saved from the disaster on a ship that was built by the Chinese in China, and the ship could withstand the impact of the tsunamis, but of course, complications arise... ...


So I talked too much about the movie. Damn. Watch it yourself.

Anyway after the movie the original schedule was to go to my tuition teacher's house, but she wasn't free, so we hung out at the arcade. I didn't like staying at the noisy arcade, and it was boring (I didn't like to play the games there), therefore I went home.

Oh well. At least I hung out with friends. Finally, after staying at home and going to the local food court.




Monday, 16 November 2009

I have finally upgraded my browser to FireFox. It's excellent.

Nothing interesting happened today. And for the first time, I can predict what will it be like tomorrow for me. It'll be boring.




Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Today I'm sitting in front of the computer doing nothing at all (in other words, I'm wasting electricity). But I don't think I'm the only one who's wasting electricity every single second. Imagine what will happen the next few years when the atmosphere contains too much carbon dioxide (remember, you burn oil, coal or methane to generate electricity, and carbon dioxide is still produced).

And the funny thing is, many people say that palm oil, methane and ethanol are fuels that cause less harm to the environment. But burning them produces carbon dioxide too. I think most people are only caring about not polluting the Earth, and perhaps ignoring global warming completely.

And then the production of normal solar panels will exhaust our supply of silicon and germanium and whatever elements used. I'm not too sure for the organic solar cells, though. And nuclear reactors dump nuclear waste into our environment. Wind turbines only generate electricity when there are winds, and the wave thingy may harm wildlife. Building a dam across a river also prevents sediments from reaching the lower part of a river, causing the land there to be infertile. And the conventional coal-burning or oil-burning generator produces huge amounts of carbon dioxide. And it must not be forgotten that water vapour is a greenhouse gas as well.

With all these setbacks of electrical generation technology, it's no wonder the earth continues warming up despites plans to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released.

Therefore, I have tried thinking of a set-up that can produce electricity. Unfortunately, there are many setbacks as well. I would value constructive comments.

Picture of crookes radiometer from Wikipedia.

As you can see, I'm too lazy to draw out the crookes radiometer. The vanes in the crookes radiometer spin when infrared light is shone on it or when it is brought close to any heat source. This spinning effect can be used to spin a generator. Of course, very little electricity is produced at this stage. It is used to spin a small motor, which in turn spins a 600-teeth gear that is made of a low density material, such that it does not weigh so heavy, because it would take a lot of energy for the small motor to move the gear (inertia). This gear is attached to a gear with only two teeth (where the two teeth are at opposite sides of the gear) connected by a belt (I forgot the actual term). See the small box in the picture to find out how it is possible. Since one tooth still remains in the belt, the gear will spin 300 times faster than the big gear with 600-teeth. This small gear spins a generator and produces electricity. If the electricity isn't enough, it can be stepped-up using a transformer to increase its voltage and through a current amplifier to increase current.

So there you are. I cannot be too sure whether this thing will work; I don't have a crookes radiometer and I'll need a vacuum pump...

I'd appreciate any constructive comments.




Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ah, interesting day yesterday. I think this post will be my longest post of all the post I typed last time.

Yesterday was my mother's birthday, and my dad decided to let us ride the Singapore Flyer. It was an amazing sight (at least for the scenery outside) although the entire structure is still shorter than the building near the Flyer which I think is the hotel in the Integrated Resort (and the buildings are still under construction). Photos are at the end of this post. After that I met Sherman. Too bad we didn't ride the flyer at the same time.

Next we went to some shopping centre which I don't know. And for the first time in my life, I went to Jack's Place and had dinner. Great steak (but quite a small piece; the potato, carrot and unknown vegetables took up most of the space). Then, obviously, we went home.

So anyway, here are the photos:

The Singapore Flyer from far (at some sky garden thingy) There's a problem with the uploading, therefore it looks identical to the one at the end.

I'm interested in the mechanism of this thing.

The mechanism again.

The ascend starts.

Some unknown construction site. I think that's the integrated resort, but I have very low general knowledge.

Roads with toy cars and lego buildings. (It's soooo true!)

The floating platform. I can't remember what's this used for. I think it's for NDP, but I have short-term memory.

Right then, I'm at the top of the flyer. As you can see, the building's much higher (it looks shorter, but that's because the distance between the flyer and my camera is less than the distance between the flyer and the building. Some vision perception thing. And this building's still under construction. It seems the cranes are on top of the building. Seems very dangerous.

The descent. Nothing much to take now, I took pictures all around the cabin. So many ships.

I tried to take a photo of the Sun, as you can see, but it was blurred. Too much light, I guess.

Up to some mischief. Like I said, there's nothing I can take. (Actually, my hand's hovering over the glass)

The Flyer from afar again. The End.

Well, the Singapore Flyer isn't too high. But it was a great experience.




Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I'm stuck at home, with seriously nothing to do at all. It seems I'm in my own world these days (only from 8-11am in the morning). No one's at home, and I don't receive any phone calls or messages or whatever. It's like having no contact with the outside world.

Hopefully, I don't have to stay at home for more than 4 hours on one day. That day, of course, is the day where the class outing will take place unless the outing is postponed or cancelled. Unfortunately, I don't see how everyone in the class is going to find out about this outing, since very few people visit the class blog these days.




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