Friday, 14 January 2011

Fifth day in Taiwan. Leaving Kaohsiung for Taichung.

Sun Moon Lake.
Temple we visited.

I never knew people were so friendly. A girl in a cabin heading the opposite direction from where I was going waved at me.

This, I heard, was the setting of one of the Taiwanese drama. Some princess thing.

Two more days.



Monday, 10 January 2011

Fourth day at Taiwan. Here, we're heading for Kaohsiung.

If I'm not wrong this day consists of nothing much but bus rides. Perhaps I took more photos but my mum deleted them.

 This is one of the many temples we visited.

This is the ferris wheel at Dream Shopping Mall or something like that. Not many people, considering the fact that it is famous. I don't like shopping, so I just slacked around.

Magnificent view from the top of the shopping mall. There were binoculars there to view the houses close-up. Amazing. Saw some bicycle.

Another unknown place at Dream Shopping Mall. Can't remember. Probably one of the amusement rides.

Concrete proof to show that my camera sucks at night. We take this boat to another place along Love River to another temple. -.-

Magnificent view of the Love river.

So, Kaohsiung. I never took much photos from here since. That's because I had mouth ulcers and wasn't really in the mood to take photos anymore. I regret that now, but well, it's too late.

As you will notice, less photos are taken with every day that has passed. Ah well. On day 7 which was free and easy there was much less than 5 photos taken.



Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The third day at Taiwan. Unfortunately school has started today so I'm going to have problems trying to upload photos.

If I'm not wrong right now we're leaving this place called Hualien.

Magnificent scenery. I wish I were back there.

Great beach. The weather is cold, yet the Sun is out, so it was quite good.

Beautiful mountain scenery.

The sand reads "ACS(I)". Yeah, that's my school.

Ah. At this place we're introduced to the wonders of this fungi called LingZhi. It detoxifies the body. And we were introduced to the bones of carcass of young deers too, but I don't know what it is for.

Yay! Farm! Never been to one before.

Young Ponys' Summit. Keep volume down, they're discussing something really important.

The arrogant camel.

 Feeding these er... rams?

Wild boar.

Cows' summit.

Well, apparently that's all the photos I took. My camera can't take great photos at night. And we left for the hotel early to enter the hot spring or whatever it is called. This place is Tainan if I'm not wrong. I have extreme short-term memory.



Saturday, 1 January 2011

 Day 2 at Taiwan. This is the scenery outside the hotel.

Driving off to the next destination.

A rest stop near some mountains.

Train that leads us down the mountains.

This is weird, but after we went down a mountain and crossed a bridge we came to this street full of shops. A hell lot of people.

Some random place where our tour bus has to stop at.

Yet another shopping street. Hell lot of people. This is also up on a mountain.

Some unknown art place. But it has lots of shops as well.

Entirely made of cardboard.

Train station. 羅東.


The train that looks like the interior of an aeroplane.

Someone's birthday.

Well, that was the second day.



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