Monday, 31 August 2009

Ah, well.

Today, I was supposed to go back to my tuition centre with CCY, Jing Fu, Thomas, Ming Wei, Shiya, Cheryl, Li Ting, Vanesse, Carina and some other people. We went at three, only to find the tuition centre closed. It would only open at 5pm. I got impatient and went off. Funny how I didn't find out I received a SMS from Shiya asking me to go back to the tuition centre.

This is some wasted opportunity. Hell, if I checked my phone, I'd definitely want to return back to the tuition centre to see my friends whom I missed.

Funny how this incident could actually set me thinking. I mean, our lives are full of wasted opportunities. We were given so many opportunities to change our way of life and look what some of us did. We chucked it away, only to regret it later. I've got so many examples to give out.

Just recently, I was nominated for prefect. I turned the role down, only to regret my decision later, since I suddenly wanted to get the role. Well, too late.

Before PSLE (in fact, before Pri 4), I was told to improve on my Chinese, since it was weak. Well, I hated chinese and didn't bother to practise. And look what happened. I've only got a 253 for PSLE, and I was unable to get into NJC. A wasted opportunity indeed.

Hmm. Still thinking.

Ah. The Mathematical Olympiad. In primary 5 I didn't actually studied before the test. And look what happened! I failed. Well, too late.

Oh yes. The one that's still affecting me a lot (and it will, forever). I was given a decision from my mother to choose whether to continue on with my former CCA Track and Field after sustaining minor sprains on my leg. I quitted the CCA. And look what the hell happened to me. Ran two rounds around the track, and my chest already hurts madly. Imagine, I completed my 2.4km run in 15minutes just because of the pain, and during Track and Field I could run eight rounds round the track in less than 15 minutes. Such an extreme drop in my fitness level. But no point regretting now.

Therefore, I urge everyone (this is just some advice) not to chuck an opportunity away instead of seizing it; it could damage your future.




Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Two significant events:

1. I used a recovery disc to restore the corrupted file into my hard disk drive. Sad thing is that all my data's gone. In my previous post, I mentioned that I could not even start my computer in safe mode. It stops loading system files after it loaded mup.sys. Did a research about the file and the error. One probable cause was that the Master Boot Sector was damaged. (Something to do with the HDD). Tried to find the Windows XP Disc so that I can access Recovery Console to repair the Boot Sector. Apparently the person did not provide the disc when the computer was bought.

2. I killed 100 over ants yesterday. Raided an ant hole. Funny how I poured water into the hole and see them float out of the ant hole, struggling to stay afloat. However, the water got sucked back into the hole, and what I saw in the hole shocked me. The ants were gathering together to keep themselves afloat, at the same time gathering all their eggs, and they were supporting one another. This scene was something you'll never see among humans. Even when they were about to die, they still tried to save one another and save the eggs from sinking into the water. But, I did not stop killing them. 30 minutes later, they were finding a spot to hide. Found a lot of them on a concrete seat. Two of the ants were carrying two eggs. Almost killed them all, if not for some who entered the soil behind the concrete seat. Destroyed the two eggs (Perhaps I'm crazy) but the rest of the eggs were missing.



Sunday, 23 August 2009

And so it seems. My computer has jammed up again... I tried booting it in safe mode to help, but nothing worked at all... ... The computer keeps rebooting by itself... It keeps saying there's an error, and from the look of it when it started in safe mode, one damn system file was missing as before my computer starts safe mode they will list down the entire system files. Mine was jammed and the thing restarted again... ...

These few days, I may not post again because of the computer problem...

By the way, I'm posting this from another computer. =(



Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ah. Never posted for quite some time. Funny how life goes by boringly. I sometimes wonder whether those people who have died actually died of boredom. School life is boring.

Anyway, an update about myself:
  • I've started a massacre for ants. Killed 12 in a day for fun. Killed 26 in three days. I can't find much ants lingering outside my classroom now. More deaths will be reported as the time passes by, at least that's something to do in school.
  • I'm still having my common tests (albeit the last one).
  • I met some people from West Grove when I returned home from school.
  • I rip open more cans. I forgot to take pictures of them.
  • I'm still doing Ms Yeo's refrigerator research. Shall do something tomorrow. Seems like a large surface area can help in cooling. =D
  • I'm done with my normal school research about water safety. Seems like those who swim observe more water safety rules than those who do not, though I don't actually care...
  • I'm trying to write some nice riffs (quite hard actually)
  • I killed a large green bug by kicking it once.
  • I've spread the culture of heavy metal to one boy in my class.
  • I've been walking about in school.

Well. That's alot. Damn, life's so boring, I had to kill insects... And I don't understand why Profile Playlist has actually stop me from streaming music just because I'm in Singapore. I'm working on a new playlist now with mixpod, hopefully it does not do the same thing like IMEEM and PROFILE PLAYLIST did... ...

It's time I tried to make something. Well, after Monday, I should be able to... ... I'll start with an amplifier... ... I came up with the plans already, but no actions taken yet.

Hmm. So, I shall end my post here. =D



Saturday, 15 August 2009

Well, nothing interesting happened this week. Therefore, this post won't be that long. Hell, life's getting more and more boring as the day passes. Damn boring.




Saturday, 8 August 2009

Hey, check out this video. Original title was The Awakening of The Incorrigible. It's from the Potter Puppet Pals Series.

I laughed so hard, I almost couldn't breathe.



Saturday, 1 August 2009

Let me talk about yesterday first. Didn't have the time to do so yesterday.

So yesterday, I had NCC training. During PT, some bunch of people (I shan't use foul language) kept asking the guy in front to speed up, even though they knew that he ran slowly. The staff sergeant told us to stay at the same position as we were at first. Well, these bunch of people decided to speed off. Discouraged the guy in front. WTF. I mean, this physical training isn't intended to build up your fitness level, it is to actually build teamwork. We already have PE and those sports CCA to train up our fitness levels. If it's about running fast, we wouldn't need to stay the same position we were before. They put a slow guy in front, so that we could encourage him, which will most likely make him run faster, but they did the opposite instead. These people fail to understand that it is teamwork that the seniors want us to build and nothing else. One of them even told me to stop saying that it was all about teamwork and told me it is about speed because of the two misleading words "Physical Training".

Smart people.

After NCC, I was forced to watch a play. (Actually, everyone was forced to watch the play). Nice play, actually. I have to admit it, although the title doesn't suit the play at all.

Now, about today.

Today, I had to go back to school to see some swimming event. Hell, I wasn't participating at all, so there isn't actually a point in seeing the competition. But still, I (and the entire class) was somewhat forced to go... ...

However, at least the MCs did play some songs!

And guess what, one of them's Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi! Haha. Amazing.

The next song that I recognised was this song.

AC/DC - Back in Black
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Funny, eh? It's somewhat hard rock, and our class teacher actually dedicated the song to our class. =D What the heck.

Well, soon, the swimming meet ended as slowly as it started (it's true, we waited like 25min before the thing started). I rushed to the foodcourt opposite to have lunch, and then I went home.


And this week is the start of the damn common tests.... Hell....



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