Saturday, 31 October 2009

Nothing to post about these few days (obviously nothing interesting happened these few days).

Anyway I remembered posting an article about swine flu being engineered for bioterrorism purposes. Seems like the poor journalist is fighting a losing battle. No deaths from the vaccine, and that journalist sued so many companies...



Saturday, 24 October 2009

This post might be longer than usual; I shall split the sections with headings.

Friday's NCC training

NCC training was as per normal yesterday (friday, lah). Entire flight got punished (that includes the year 2, 3) because some guy gambled in school. Since we weren't allowed to do push-ups, the teacher made everyone stay in the push-up position on the rough, rocky ground until my friend could not endure the pain. He then asked for permission to recover from that position, saving all of us from having our skin punctured by the rocks on the road.

Dissatisfaction with the internet
Here's another evidence that the internet isn't very good at giving direct answers. I'm searching for the range of pressures that the lungs can work at, and none of the links on Google gave me an answer. All I have is this partial pressure crap, that tells you that the concentration of oxygen must vary based on the pressure of the surroundings for the lungs to work. I don't believe that our lungs can only work in one pressure, but I can't neither prove myself right or wrong since there's no information given about it.

Trying searching Google with any keywords relating to pressure range and lungs, such as this search link:, and you'll see that Google gives you crap about high blood pressure, and how your lungs work. Nothing about pressure range. Enclose the keywords in quotation marks, and Google says there are no links. Actually, I did see something about pressure range on Wikipedia, but I still can't find that particular article. But that's not the point. If anyone of you reading this particular post finds any information about the range of pressures that the lungs work at, please do tell me.

And I thought one of the advantages of the internet was that you could easily access information that you need. Seems like this is not entirely true indeed.

EOY Examination Results

I have just received all my examination papers back. Hmm, I would say I did quite badly... Here are the scores (converted to 100%)
  • English 66/100
  • Math 83.75/100
  • Higher Chinese 58/100
  • Physical Sciences 92.5/100
  • Life Sciences 98.57/100
  • Literature 80/100
  • History 90/100
  • Geography 91.6/100
  • Art 82/100
Really funny, how I got 82 for art. My drawing sucks. I did badly for english, considering I only got 19/30 for my composition, I'm lucky I didn't fail english. I failed composition in Chinese, since I went out of point, therefore I passed my higher chinese by 8 marks. No idea why I made so many mistakes in math such that I received only 83.75. To conclude, higher chinese and english pulled down my average by a lot... ...




Monday, 19 October 2009

The internet sucks.

I have been trying to search on alternatives of transistors and vacuum tubes. Apparently people use these products so much they don't bother trying to make their own or find alternatives at all. I have also been trying to find out at which temperature does carbon starts to ignite and burn. And to think that nobody bothered to find out the most powerful endothermic chemical reaction. The internet does not tell you how much force must be used to squeeze a quartz crystal and where to squeeze to produce electrical charges on either sides of the crystal. Nothing at all. There is no way I can explore deeper in science when the internet gives crap when you are searching a certain term. And the nearest library does not give me any knowledge of what I want to learn. Go search "Temperature which carbon burns" on Google and you'll see what I mean. Even with quotes, they never give you the exact phrase.

My printer sucks.

Even with the paper loaded correctly and the unknown things at the side of the printer set up correctly such that it is the length of the width of the paper, the damn printer still loads the paper with the paper slanted, such that the final product is a piece of paper with many fold marks and ink smeared all over. And there's no foreign objects in the printer. Useless printer.

My internet explorer sucks.

As mentioned before.

My handphone sucks.

My cell phone was my best phone ever; it restarted 3 times a day, jams up more than 10 times a day. I threw it on the floor in anger, and the port where you insert the headphones is left crooked, such that I needed to bend the headphones in an awkward angle. Worst bit is that, you slip the phone into your pocket, the connection breaks.




Saturday, 17 October 2009

Hey, has anyone of you experience this problem before?

I open my IE 7 on computer, and opened a new tab. Next I closed it. When I tried to open a new tab again, the entire IE closes. By the way, I'm using a download accelerator which I suspect is the one which causes the problem.

Do anyone of you know what's going on?



Hello everyone.

My examinations have just ended. And I messed up. Hopefully I didnt mess up too badly.

For a start there was English Paper 1 and History. These two were okay, but still tough.

The next day... Higher Chinese Paper 1 and Life Sciences. Messed up really badly in one of these two examinations. It doesn't take a genius to find out which, unless you don't know me, or you cannot remember how I am like. I wrote out of point. Really out of point.

Hmmm, the next two examinations were English Paper 2 and Literature. Both were tough. Really tough. I messed up in summary writing and the poetry section of the literature exam. I'm doomed, so far.

Then I had Math and Geography. Had some careless mistakes in math, and I messed up really badly for geography. Read the grid squares wrongly.

Finally I had Higher Chinese paper 2, Physical Science and Chinese Listening Comprehension. Go ahead and have a guess which paper did I mess up in. Imagine not knowing what the comprehension passages are about and not understanding the listening comprehension questions.

So I'm doomed. Definitely not going to pass chinese.

: (

And I still don't understand how come I am weak in chinese...



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