Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dalat City - Day Five

Hell, I have the most number of photos for this day I think. This is the most enjoyable day of the trip, especially the mountain-climbing.

Dalat City, Day 5. This place is a perfect place. Very much like Taiwan. The city is part of the Central Highlands of Vietnam, so it's at the mountainous region. This is the outside of the Saigon-Dalat hotel.

Ok, we went many places during the fifth day. This is the agricultural place (some strawberry farm) and we had to pick strawberries.

A hidden strawberry. Hell, I was sweating, and the cool weather there made my sweat feel as though it was freezing.

Ok, the next place we visited. The valley of Love. For a boys' school to enter this valley, it's pretty weird. (Yeah I'm in a boys' school).


The beautiful lake at the valley of love.

Boats. We spent a hell lot of time here. These boats are meant for couples to ride around the lake, but me and two other friends wanted to ride around as well, and so three people sat on a boat that was meant for two. And it was freaking small, only two people could steer the boat, so it was really tiring.

My friends in front. We were trying to chase them, but failed. It took us 20 min to get to the other side (I think if I swam I'd be faster) and 25 min to get back. We were almost late.

We disembarked on another place to take some photos before going back. Took 25 min, like i mentioned earlier, so no more photos upon returning back. We were about to give up and leave the third guy on one of the pier or throw him into the lake so that we can return back faster, but we started keeping one another's morale up, and finally we reached. It was pretty tiring, since we actually cycled to steer the boat, so I couldn't run back. But we managed to reach in time.

Ok, after leaving the Valley of Love we went to a nearby shop to buy foodstuff including our handpicked strawberries. I drank this unknown juice there for a sample and it burnt up my entire gullet. I think it's alcoholic....

Anyway, we had lunch, and after that we visited this flower garden. The sun was directly above us and there wasn't any clouds, so I was sweating profusely.

Following that we visited a Biological institute which showcased a lot of bio stuff, like evolution of animals and whatever.

Beautiful scenery.

And finally we reached the highlight of today's events - the climb up the mountain on a 5km route I think. It was freaking tiring. I was walking alone until I reached a group of people, one of whom was in the same class as me last year, and the other were three Indonesian scholars from his present class. We walked up the mountain together and were chatting with one another until we reached the peak.

Quite deserted, as you can see.

And finally, after around 40 min (I think), we reached the peak. Had some instant noodles and hot chocolate there as I was damn hungry.

The height of the mountain. Not the length of the route we had to walk.

After the ascend came the descend. I walked down the mountain, this time with a different group of friends. No one seemed to be behind us and it started to drizzle, there was no one in front from us that we could see also, so we stuck together and walked down. This is the beautiful sunset that we saw.

Down the deserted road.

And we finally reached the foot.

Finally after dinner, we went to the Dalat Night Market.

Bright and great place. I stuck to my Vietnamese friend so that I wouldn't get lost, as he came here before.

Yup, that's all.

Ok, the sixth day is quite sad, we did nothing much as we had to travel back to HCM city to fly back to Singapore on the seventh day. Now after seeing the photos, I wish I were back in Dalat...




Ok, not that I want to push back the time I'll upload, but I'm really busy and have to devote my entire Sat and Sun doing my homework. Really sorry for not uploading yet again.



Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ok people, my next post will be this coming saturday. School's here, and life's busy as ever.



Monday, 21 March 2011

HCM City - Day Four

Start of a new day. I was starting to feel gloomy. In three days time it was time to leave Vietnam.

Anyway, almost the entire fourth day was spent on the bus ride. Quite boring. But the end result of the wait was worth it. I didn't have any stomaches because the medicine i took worked like a miracle.

Ok, we visited the Frenn Waterfall along the way. At this place, the temperature was already quite cool, and when I was sweating from running, the sweat felt really cold and made me feel weak. But it was quite nice.

View from inside the "cave" created by the impact of the falling water from the waterfall. It was damn nice to have the water splash all around you. It was cooling, yet nice.

Boat rides!

Haha! I remember this ostrich ride. One of the students from another class rode on the ostrich. Due to his large size, the entire ostrich lost its balance and fell over! I foresaw that this would happen, but I think my camera screwed up and I didn't manage to take a video of it. I did take a video of a second attempt by him, this time with support from this guy in the picture, who manages the ostriches.

Sorry, but I realised that the video would be uploaded on Youtube and since it's not really an interesting video, I've removed it.

Another guy who almost fell over. Fortunately he didn't.

Weird friends of mine who canoed all the way under the cave and was stuck there.How the hell did they get in there anyway???

We left the Frenn Waterfall park/amusement park.

It was around 6pm Vietnam time when we finally reached Dalat. Hell, the weather's exactly like Taiwan. But I was used to it, so I didn't bother taking out a sweater with me when I had to leave the hotel for dinner.

And it's my friend's birthday! Unfortunately owing to my stomach condition I didn't eat it. The medicine stopped the stomaches but I guess taking dairy products would probably worsen my stomache until the medicine has no effect.

Yeah that's all.

On the fifth day, we went to visit flower parks, an agriculture/plantation park, the valley of love (yeah, with a group of boys, how weird indeed)  and climbed a mountain. I may not have time to post tomorrow and the day after so it should be up by Thursday.

And the first day of a new term in school was as boring as ever.




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