Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ah, another movie trip! I watched four movies during the holidays!

So today I received a sms from Ming Wei which only says "Hey, transformers, tomorrow?" I asked him and realised that he was going to watch the movie "Transformers: Revenge of the fallen". So I tagged along.

At 3.10 pm, the advertisments started. The one that caught my eye was the ice-cream thing, with that cute character. Well, no photography, so too bad.

And then the movie started. Ended around 5.47pm. Such a long violent movie. Then the four of us walked to Sherman's house. What a long walk. At Sherman's house we did nothing much. But still it was fun :D

What a great day!



Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ok, so today was a bad day.

Cong Yang invited me out to play badminton along with Yong Kuan. Well, there were only the three of us, and we spotted Brandon, so we invited him. He brought down a shuttlecock and we played. By the time we started, it was nearly six, and it was almost time for me to go.

Then the worst happened. I swung my racquet, it hit the shuttlecock into a construction area near the badminton court. That's it, no more shuttlecock, the place was covered up...

And then my mother called. Time to go.

Man, I felt so bad at that time. Firstly, it wasn't my shuttlecock. Secondly, I stopped the game. Thirdly, I had to go, so I couldn't find a way to retrieve the shuttlecock...

Damn. What a bad day indeed.



Monday, 22 June 2009

The quartz are real!

Today I tested whether the quartz I mentioned yesterday. Quartz are piezoelectric, but I cannot seem to find the electrical charges, but quartz also produce a light when it is striked by another piece of quartz. This effect is called triboluminence. It worked for the quartz i bought, and the other one i bought last year together with Ryan, so both are real!

I tried to take a video of it but it did not work. The light from the stones were bright, but the camera caught nothing at all.

Damn :(



Sunday, 21 June 2009

Ok, so today was daddy's day, so my family went out.

First it's a sunday, and on sundays i have swimming lessons, so i swam first.

After swimming we went to the Da Vinci exhibition. Beautiful. However no photos to be taken, so no pics for now. However there was something that caught my eye.

It was a bridge that requires no ropes to bind the wood together and no nut and bolt. The wood logs were connected by some dent in the wood, but nothing else. The heavier the load, the stronger and more secure the bridge. It was a good design, and I think it's called the emergency bridge as named by Da Vinci himself. The exhibits show Da Vinci's inventions (e.g. the flying machine, the pyramid parachute, etc.) and all his art work. And they have one corner full of Mona Lisa paintings. It's just amazing how that great man did his art using science. Makes his art look realistic.

And then he used math for one of his paintings which i forgot what the name was. It shows a man, hands parallel to the ground and the man standing in a square with his feet close together. It also shows the same man, this time in a circle, with his arms around 60 degrees from being parallel to the ground and his legs spread apart. I remember in the name there was this letter V, but I cant remember his name. There was also the painting "The Last Supper", which I'm not too sure what is it about.

By the way all these took place in the science centre, so if you are interested just go to the science centre. Of course you have to pay money. I think this one and only exhibit ends in August.

So after viewing all the exhibits we went to walk around science centre. When it was time to go home I headed for the souvenir shop and bought this packaging with rocks in it. Costs $9.90. Inside contained the crystal/mineral/rock i always wanted: Quartz.

The last time I bought one in a box and when I squeezed it, I did not feel any electrical charge on it. This effect is called piezoelectricity, where a force on the crystal will generate electrical charges on opposite sides of the crystal. Since there was an instruction manual in the packaging and it tells you how to see a spark appear from one quartz to another, i deduce it is real.

Ok, enough of science, i haven't checked whether it is real or not, will do so tomorrow. After buying the rocks thingy from the shop we went home. Then I turned on the computer and started typing this post.



Saturday, 20 June 2009


I finally heard "I'll Never Let You Go" by Steelheart on the radio! (Class 95)

Hear's how it sounds like (The song title's I'll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)).

Steelheart - Angel Eyes
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Anyway, I heard we have 26 new H1N1 flu cases, bringing the number of cases to 103. Oh no.



I have nothing to post about...



Saturday, 13 June 2009

So today was a fun day. I actually watch two movies in one day! HOW GREAT IS THAT?!

If you think it isnt great, scram.

The first movie I watched was during an outing with Cong Yang, Yong Kuan, Cheryl Ong, Shiya, Carina and Vanesse. So I shall talk about the outing.

I met YK under CCY's block. We then headed for the bus stop outside Ming Wei's house. When we reached Jurong Point most of the shops were still closed so we took a stroll to the library. The library was closed as well. So we headed back to Jurong Point. After doing some sight seeing at the closed shops, we went back to the place right outside Zone X. The three girls excluding Vanesse were there already, so we discussed about what movie to watch. Spent close to TWO hours doing so. They finally decided on Angels And Demons, but Golden Village in JP did not play it anymore, so we went to Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall's cinema, under Shaw.

So when we reached the Lot 1, the TV screen did not show the time slots in which Angels And Demons was played (so obviously it was not played anymore). We decided to watch Land of the Lost instead. One hour passed, and the movie was over (we went in late). Vanesse just arrived, so while the girls were at the arcade, CCY, YK and I went to the library in the shopping mall. YK typed crap in the seaching thing on the computer. After this, we went to IMM (just tagging along with the girls), so we wasted quite some money in our EZ-Link card.

At IMM we met this door which needn't be there. It was like those cartoons where when a house collapses, only the door remains and the characters just open the door for fun. Here's a photo (or maybe two or more).

Finally we went back. CCY, YK and I went all the way to Pioneer MRT station, while the others went to Boon Lay. Here are some photos of the new MRT station.

The three of us walked to Pioneer Mall, ate and then parted ways. YK went to church, CCY went to our tuition teacher's house along with the other four girls, while I had to rush home for the second movie I was going to watch. This time I was going watch the movie with my family.

So after I went home, relaxed and rested, the family went to Jurong Point. Dad bought me this Chicken on a stick thingy, but this time it was Korean. With the chilli taste, it's freaking tasty. Mum bought me fishball on a stick from Old Chang Kee. Come on, you people know the taste, it's excellent (and it has always been).

Then we proceeded to the cinema. We watched Night At The Museum 2. Such a nice movie.

Well, after the movie we went to have lunch before going home.

At home, I switched on the computer, went to the class blog, then went to type this post.

So that's all, folks.

Hey wait what the hell??? It's 10.10pm at night when I finished my post. How late.



Friday, 12 June 2009


Let me share another interesting discovery with all of you people.

This may be known by some people, but I'm just posting it.

Ok, I shall crap no further.

The power of vacuum. From the title we can tell that this discovery has something to do with vacuum. Basically, vacuum is a region of space with nothing in it, not even air. Which means a perfect vacuum has no pressure at all, but it is hard to create a perfect vacuum on Earth even with advancements in technology.

Next, water boils at a lower temperature when its surroundings have a lower pressure than the pressure at sea level.

So if you mix these two ideas pieces of information, then you will realise... ...

Water boils in a vacuum at room temperature! (Or perhaps a temperature higher than room temperature but lower than 100deg Celsius)

So there you have it, a water boiling system that requires no heat!

Furthermore, boiling is an endothermic process (a process that takes away heat), therefore after a while the remaining water left that did not boil will turn to ice (or cold water)!

So there you have it, a water boiling system which requires no heat and an ice making system which requires no freezer!


On the first page of Yahoo! Singapore, what do you see near the bottom of the screen without scrolling the page down?

"WHO declares H1N1 flu a pandemic"

Oh no.

Let me just copy the article, not to worry, i will put in the credits.

By MARIA CHENG and FRANK JORDANS,Associated Press Writers AP - Friday, June 12 GENEVA - Swine flu is now formally a pandemic, a declaration by U.N. health officials that will speed vaccine production and spur government spending to combat the first global flu epidemic in 41 years.

Thursday's announcement by the World Health Organization doesn't mean the virus is any more lethal _ only that its spread is considered unstoppable.

The U.S. government has already increased the availability of flu-fighting medicines and authorized $1 billion for developing a new swine flu vaccine. In addition, new cases seem to be declining in many parts of the country, U.S. health officials say, as North America moves out of its traditional winter flu season.

Still, New York City reported three more swine flu deaths Thursday, including a child under 2, a teenager and a person in their 30s.

"Countries where outbreaks appear to have peaked should prepare for a second wave of infection," Chan warned.

-From Yahoo! Singapore News.

Ok, I cut the article short. You could check it out yourself.

Anyways, the last paragraph of the abstract is the last paragraph of the real article.

But it is the last paragraph that made me panic.

"Second wave of infection"

I went to check the previous flu pandemics that happened last time. Those that happened in the 1900s were the Spanish Flu (1918-1919, subtype H1N1), the Asian flu (1957-1958, subtype H2N2), and the Hong Kong Flu (1968-1969, subtype H3N2).

All these three flu pandemics had a second wave of infection. The second wave was more deadly for the Asian flu and the Hong Kong flu. The second wave of the Spanish Flu was believed to cause a cytokine storm in human beings, therefore killing so many young and healthy adults. By the way a cytokine storm is the overreaction of your immune system, so it can kill you.

The second wave of influenza pandemics usually take place in the later months of the year. Therefore, we may be moving towards the second wave of the pandemic, one that may cause many deaths. However, there is nothing we can do right now but to pray hard that the second wave will not be extremely deadly.



Tuesday, 2 June 2009

After reading through my previous posts on the class blog, i realised i mentioned i want to make 41 sets of telegraphs.

Ok, so i failed.

Or maybe not. I failed to make it in time, but i will try to make one. Forget 41 sets. Two first.
And I will plan it. And i will make it. Nothing will stop me from doing so.

My, I sounded evil.

When I'm done with two, it will depend if i can make more. Then i can strike that off in my "Must Make" List.
My "Must make" List
  • An environmentally friendly car that is extremely efficent and lightweight.
  • An environmentally friendly refrigerator. (Currently being worked on)
  • A homemade amplifer. A small one. Still in planning stage.
  • A homemade guitar pickup.
  • My CO2 electricity generator. Planning stage done.
  • An environmentally friendly air-conditioner.
  • 41 sets of telegraphs or any other telecommunications device capable of transmitting data.
  • And many more.

Anyway i have an interesting discovery to share.

Ever heard of the Bernoulli's principle?

It states that the greater the speed of a moving fluid, the lower the fluid's pressure, and vice versa. And then due to adabiatic cooling (I dont know how to spell out that term), an object (a gas), with its pressure lowered, will have a temperature drop. That;s how a conventional refrigerator works.

But if we mix the Bernoulli's principle and the adabiatic cooling thingy together, we find out that moving air will cause the temperature of the air to drop.

So, stand in front of a fan. You feel the moving air in your face. You feel comfortable, because the fan makes you feel cooling. And what causes this? Evaporation of water on your skin is the answer, but does a fraction of the cooling effect come from the mix of the Bernoulli's principle and adabiatic cooling?

I stumbled upon this while doing my proficency test for NCC Air. Perhaps this mix of the Bernoulli's principle and adabiatic cooling will be part of my own refrigerator.

Till then ^_^



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