Saturday, 31 May 2008

Check out this website. Type in sth. YOu get rubbish. For example, Air.

Try potato.

Try water.



Sunday, 18 May 2008

On 17th May, Yong Kuan, Ming Wei and I went for the first open house. (not nanyang girls', it's RI). Damn big.The first activity we tried was air rifle. Shot 6 times, all missed. (i have bad aiming)Next we had coffee and biscuits with a total stranger. Found out he was from the RI parents association. Then we went to the strings musical instruments where we were taught how to play the bass. The stick was made of horse hair. Oh my.

We then wandered around where we reach the auditorium and found out the talk abt to be over and we had to listen the Q & A session. Mr Ng Yong Kuan daringly asked the panel a question. When it was over we went to the atrium. Took some goodie bags and met Bryan. Moved to the Science Hub. Someone demonstrated Lycopodium powder with fire. In a tin can. It 'exploded' and the tin lid was sent flying out. Wow. The fire was extinguished. We were told it was a carbohydrate so it is flammable. Next we moved to crystal breeding grounds (take it easy sherman) where we placed certain salts like Iron nitrate in Sodium Silicate solution and it increased in size. were told as the salts reacted with sodium silicate it becomes less dense and rises. I grew mine and then washed the container. Juz at that time i found out the liquid was leaking but wanted to confirm it.
There came the boy. There were many containers of sodium silicate on a tray. He took one, and the whole tray dropped onto the floor. Sodium silicate was splashed all around. Some entered Yong Kuan's and my mouth. We ran for the toilet. B4 tat i took a last look at the boy. He showed no remorse. Rinsed our mouth and felt like vomitting. Luckily did not vomit.

It was 11.30 am then, and the next talk started. We ran for the auditorium and had to sit on the stairway. The same guy said if we are offered a place in RI we will still be able to enter RI unless it is out of the express range. YAY.

After the talk we went to the canteen. To eat. We saw the same boy again, and he showed no remorse. Heck. Ming Wei and I bought a book titled 'English as it is broken'. Quite weird. Btw RI has a bookshop which is called Popular bookshop(somewhat the ones you see at jurong point but smaller). Next we headed for Bishan Community Library. On our way out we saw these:

The first two were written by terroists. The third is saying RI found the year 1823. Haha. Oh yes Bryan left us. Then we three again took a bus back to the library where I met my dad. After some time at the library, I went home whereas Ming Wei and Yong Kuan went to the Jurong Point library.



Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Like any other days, boring, still awaiting the spam of LOL.......



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