Monday, 29 March 2010

Well, nothing much happened today.

We had our NAPHA test (whatever it is, I can't remember how to spell). Had sit-up and shuttle run.

Shuttle Run: 10.3 sec (could get A, lost by 0.1 sec...)
Sit-ups: 41 (I haven't had enough stomach muscles yet, unlike my friends who did 71.)

And then I had nothing to do, so I did some pull-ups. 6 now. Not too bad... Must keep training. Though I can only hit the highest number of times on the first try...

And then returned home. Did my math homework, watched TV (fine...) and fixed Janice's computer at the same time (some messenger error). Access her computer and controlled hers using a program similar to Remote Assistance, except that you need to sign in to messenger to use remote assistance, and she's using vista (I'm using XP), so using remote assistance requires her to do some unknown stuff to her computer. Used LogMeIn program instead. Free, but lousier services as compared to the one which you pay for usage.

It was damn nice. I could move her cursor, type in words anywhere, copy from my computer and paste into hers. And I can also see what she was going to type on ebuddy even before I received it. And I also could damage her computer, but I'm not that bad. =D

So I followed the instructions to access the hard disk drive and delete everything inside "Windows Live Contacts" and her account in "Messenger". And it worked straightaway. What a shock... I was expecting it to take up more time and become seriously complicated to a point where I give up, but then I tried one method and it worked to perfection. Or at least for now. I have a feeling the problem will return.

And actually, I didn't follow the set of instructions. It was for XP, and she's using vista. I took a big risk and deleted the stuff, and it worked.

Phew... Otherwise I would be dead.

But like I said the problem may occur again. I had an incident where messenger keeps signing me out for no reason. Deleted the cache and it worked for a few days before it came back again. Then I wrote a letter to microsoft (Microsoft email support) and they told me to delete myself from the 6G groups. I did, and the problem happened very rarely. Last time it was every five min or so...




Recap of last week. (21st to 25th March)


Nothing much happened last week on monday. Well, it's a school day.


Well, it's still a school day, with no other interesting stuff except my guitar lesson outside school. So everyone actually lives through the stage where life is exciting (childhood years), life becomes progressively more boring (teenage years) and then to the stressful part of life before reaching the end of the road (adulthood). Such a waste I didn't enjoy my childhood years. If only I was mature then. Would have made use of the time to enjoy myself. Too late now.


Well, it's still a boring day, apart from the fact that I forced my friend to buy soya bean milk.

You see, we were at the vending machine. My hand was there, and I mimicked the actions of pressing a button after inserting the coins. So he saw my hand, became paranoid, tried to push my hand away but fell back in the attempt. He originally wanted coke, but to regain his balance he accidentally smacked the button for soya bean.

Clunk. And he hates soya bean.


I tried to replicate what happened on Wednesday, and to my amazement it worked. But it was a different story.

So he was at the vending machine again. I spammed the soya bean button. After that, I gave up and let him buy his can of ice lemon tea. Unfortunately, he fell backwards again onto my arm. My finger was on the soya bean button. The button was pressed.

Clunk. And he was cursing and swearing. Strange thing is that he already pressed the ice lemon tea button, but then fell back and i accidentally pressed the soya bean one.


Once again, I tried to replicate what happened on Wednesday. Strangely, the machine turned against another friend who was trying to make this guy (the same guy buying soya bean two days in a row). My friend pressed the soya bean button before the other guy pressed ice lemon tea (the same guy who bought soya bean because of me). Unfortunately, what that came out was ice lemon tea.

Mission failed. And I swear I'll try to do it again.



Sunday, 21 March 2010


Yeah, I know, my NCC Air freestyle drill team lost. Among the fifthteen teams, we were 12th. How sad.
And it was raining freaking heavily throughout the entire competition. Luckily I didn't get any foot diseases from wearing wet socks for around 3 hours without proper ventilation of the foot...

But still, we lost. We didn't have any arm movements throughout the drill, all we did were making shapes and doing some gay/cool (choose one) stuff. It stunned the judges the first time, so since we didn't make any big changes, I guess it became boring for everyone.

Oh well.

After the drill competition, went for swimming lessons. Almost drowned. Seriously. I was swimming when I got a cramp on one leg ( a severe one; the calf was as hard as rock). Soon the pain subsided and I was about to swim to the shore when the other leg had a cramp too, and the previous leg had a cramp again. Couldn't tread water (...) so I was frantically bouncing up and down in the water, shouting for help and breathing in air...

Luckily the coach saved me. Brought back memories of the first swimming lesson I had when i was damn young. I think pri 1. Sat too close towards the edge of the 1.2 metre pool (I was short) and fell inside. Waited for seven seconds (almost out of breath) when the coach saved me.




Friday, 19 March 2010


Returned back to school for Freestyle competition (finals) training. Nothing much happened other than this training.


Returned back to school again for Freestyle competition training again. Nothing much happened other than the second training.


Went to Jurong Point to get my MicroSDHC card for my new phone. Also the day which I spent most of my time rushing through every single homework of mine except one chinese 报章读后感


Finished the last homework. Did nothing else.


That's today. And how am I do predict what happens today?


Freestyle Competition Drill Finals. Doubt will win.... Right, it's also someone's birthday... =D

Right, there's my lifeguard course too, but I cannot predict what will happen tomorrow.


And how am I to find out?


Well yeah, that's common sense, it's the start of school.


Guitar class lesson?


I don't know psychokinesis.


I already said, I don't know psychokinesis. I don't have the ability use mind power to do stuff.


Obviously there's my NCC.


I don't have a crystal ball in my hands, and nor am I clairvoyant.


Seriously, don't bug me.

21st December 2012, Friday

Ah... I see something... The future... I didn't know I was clairvoyant... I see... Ruins... People in hysterics... Tears running down everyone's face... Megatsunamis... Eruption of supervolcanoes... Sudden rise of heat of the Earth... Electrical devices failing from a solar storm... People, with bones jutting out of their skin everywhere, dehydrating, starving.... Earthquakes... Dead bodies all over the floor... It's the end....

22nd December 2012, Saturday

Well, the end has ended, won't this be the end of the end? If so, then 21st Dec 2012 isn't the end.

23rd December 2012, Sunday

Wait, this should be the end, shouldn't it? Or is there no end?


Provided the above scenario didn't happen, electronic devices will be way too high-tech.








Saturday, 13 March 2010

So today I got a new phone. The model itself isn't new, but for the first time, I'm using a phone that has buttons like that of a keyboard. But I'm not sure if it's called a PDA or not.

Anyway, the previous phone which I didn't like because it kept hanging was Sony Ericsson W890i. Sent the phone for repair so many times, yet the phone was still like that.

My present phone is E63. So far, the phone hasn't screwed up yet.



Saturday, 6 March 2010

Today was my NCC Air Freestyle competition. We won the second runner-up and are in the finals.

This means extra training will be conducted. And with the last week fully booked because of the competition training, imagine another two weeks of all-day training.




Tuesday, 2 March 2010


On the first of March, the GOH (guard-of-honour) parade was over. The Guest-Of-Honour would walk by and inspect the three NCC units while we stand still, not moving at all. Luckily the parade was done in the morning. But some unfortunate events took place before the parade.

We had a stayover in school so that we won't be late for the parade.

So I was about to sleep in the sleeping bag on the hard, cold floor in a classroom when someone woke me up. Someone must accompany you for you to go to the toilet, so that guy chose me. And because of that, I had only around one-two hours of sleep.

Sergeants woke us up at 4.30am. Damn.

Cleaned up the classroom, packed up, went to the toilet. Another unfortunate event.

That toilet has a weird door that slams itself shut with enormous velocity. And I happened to leave my last finger between the door and the wall while trying to turn a fan on because the toilet was stuffy. And the door slammed shut.

Five seconds of numbness. Two minutes of pain and agony.

Went down to have breakfast, then set out for the damned parade.

So now that the parade's over, I have a freestyle drill competition for NCC (air) units coming in 6th March. The IC has decided to use a Korean pop song by SNSD for the entire competition. And we had to listen to the song like ten times right now to memorize the song structure.

Thirty minutes of agony. (If you remember properly, I only listen to metal. And if you're wondering what song it is, it is Oh by SNSD...)

Pain and agony. The only two prominent feelings in life.




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