Thursday, 31 December 2009

Well, I went on another outing. With Cheryl, Shiya, Carina, CongYang, YongKuan and MingWei. Two outings in a holiday. Wanted to watch the movie "Sherlock Holmes" at Jurong Point, but the queue was so long (across the bridge and to the kopitiam). So we went to Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall and watched the movie there (4.55pm)

The movie was about Sherlock Holmes, a detective who is skilled in fighting (I didn't know about this). The antagonist is this guy whose name I don't know. He claims to use black magic, but everything's science.

After the movie, we went back to Jurong Point (7+pm already) and had dinner. Then the others wanted to go to the void deck under Shiya's block. It was already 8.30pm, so I went home instead...



Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's going to be a long post.

From 18th dec to 22nd dec, I went to hong kong. Took over 100 photos and videos, and I'm going to upload all of them. Since the maximum amount is 1024MB, I will have to post multiple posts.

Hong Kong - Kowloon

Day One

Woke up. Went to Changi Airport terminal 3. Quite spacious, yet empty. Took the airbus 380 (I think). Flew to Hong Kong airport. Met the tour guide there. We were going to tour with two other families, one of which my sister knew.The weather there was perfect. Moderately cold, unlike singapore. And from this point onwards, I started taking photographs. Went to ladies street, and then some unknown mountain which was freaking cold.Outside Hong Kong airport.
From here onwards, I'm on the coach to Ladies Market.

If the buildings can reach the blue tinted glass at the top of the window of the coach from my point of view, it is very high. Imagine how deep the pile foundations must be for the buildings to be able to reach that height.

These buses use octopus cards...

I didn't know that these were toll stations until now.

Cable bridges.

Amazing buildings.

My deepest condolences. (This is a joke). Well, the raised concrete blocks are to stop people from sleeping on the streets. Saw wrongly at first (read the first line).

And what is the sign trying to say? No entry 24 hours? And yet the coach's on the road.

What a big difference between the buildings you saw at first and now this photograph of this building.

Eh? There's no dead end.

It says "Caution the slope"....

What about the driver? Without the driver, this couldn't happen.

Only 6.24pm local and hongkong time.

Beautiful scenery.

And now on the ascend to the mountain.

The peak of the mountain (a shopping centre). The shopping centre had a wax exhibition consisting of famous people. I didn't take pictures of them, however. We went up the mountain by a train, and I couldn't take that too. The train kept vibrating...

View from the mountain.

To the hotel. The day ends with me falling asleep.

Day Two

Woke up. Had breakfast which consisted of dim sum and chinese tea. Went to some unknown place. I don't know where, since most of the signs are in traditional chinese.

Get in lane. Sounds like a command... And the 24 hours sign again....

Just came out from the restaurant where I had breakfast. Look at the old building.

They aren't buses. They are trams that uses electricity that flows in the wires hanging overhead. There's a black coloured stuff hanging out of the tram. That's to receive electricity. I thought it was to receive radio waves.

View from the coach, again.

View from the place I went next.

The next place............ I was supposed to take a boat ride across this river to another place, but my family got lost, and we had to wait for the other families to return first...

We moved on to a place where they showed us the jade and gold jewellery they made (some exhibition). They don't interest me, therefore I waited for a long time outside the exhibition area and spotted this sign.

True. The paper wasn't spitting, and I'm "NOT SPITTING".

And there was another weird sign.

Hmm. "To sold" and "To Let"...

And another sign, just outside the exhibition area which I think is some step down transformer room or a room that regulates water flow.

I have absolutely no idea what this means. Anyone who knows what this means, please tell me.

After the exhibition, we went to this beach with a temple there. Of course, I took photographs.


Then, our tour guide left us stranded at some unknown area (I can't remember). The three families (including mine) took the MTR or something like that to this shopping centre which sells a lot of clothes and shoes (for those who want the station name, it's at Tung Chung station). Boring (I never liked shopping). Then, after eating, we took the MTR back (this time, only my family).

Looks really like the MRT station here.

Yeah. Amusing. Let's all laugh till our heads drop off.

Well, we reached this Tsim Sha Tshui station. The tour guide said it was near the hotel (metropolis hotel), but the hotel was nowhere in sight. So we took a cab home. The drivers are very ummm.. rude. Once we reached the hotel, we went to bed.

View from outside the hotel:

Day Three

I'm not telling where I'm going. Look at the photographs first.... =D
From today onwards, the sun was up.

Nice pipa.

Come on, if you can't guess correctly, you're an idiot.

For idiots who cannot guess correctly.

The entrance.

Remember, students, rock floats on water.

Main Street, U.S.A.

This is interesting. I was telling my sister I wanted to have some tomatoes to throw at them. I moved my arm and pretended to throw an object at the band. One of the band members waved back at me. How interesting.

"Let's chip in, Dale!"
"Dale has officially been chipped."

Buena Vista International.

I cannot remember what we did first at Disneyland. Took the space mountain thingy or whatever you call it first. First thrilling roller coaster ride I've ever taken. Then I cannot recall what we did next. We entered this place, and there was a fake boat ride (there's water, but the boat moves on the conveyor belt in the water).

And then there was the parade. I'm uploading it as a video. It may be cut-off, but that's because I don't want to overload my memory card (all photographs and videos are taken with my cell phone).


And then, at night. I have more videos, but they have my distorted voice in it, so you might want to turn down your volume knob on the speaker.
After that we took a boat ride. And then it became dark.

This was around 6pm. Looks like 9pm. Hong Kong has longer nights than Singapore does.

Next we had dinner. Ate some chicken and bacon with rice (damn expensive).

The Buena Vista castle at night with the lights on. The fireworks display are below. The second video is the continuation of the first.

These are fireworks at the end of the day.
Then, Disneyland closes, and I managed to take a photo of this again before going back to the hotel.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Day Four

Went to Ocean Park. Another amusement park. Yippie.

First, we took a cable car ride (2nd so far) up the hill/mountain (I don't know whether it's above 600m).

Views from cable car:

Then, we watched a dolphin and seal show.

Then, my sister and I took a ride which was something like the spinner in genting. But this is so much smaller than the one at genting. Took the Ocean Park watch tower, and then the roller coaster. Damn, I was flung out of my seat thrice. Terrible. And it did not go around loops. I'm not going to take roller coasters again.

Next, we took a train back down to the lowland.

Pictures from the station.

We went to see the exhibits of pandas, alligators, fishes.

This is called a panda.

From plain chinese, beautiful english come.

Then, we left ocean park to take a boat ride to lamma island for dinner consisting of seafood. The boat ride was freezing.

Went around Hong Kong on our own after eating. We brought walkie-talkies there, and we received signals from others. So I spammed them, and then changed the channel. Haha... I am evil.

Day Five

Views from the hotel.

Hotel name.

It's free and easy all the way until 3pm, so we went back to ladies market (went on the first day) and bought clothes again. Then, we had lunch, and finally back to the hong kong airport through the coach.

Before taking the coach, I took these photos.

An unknown hotel opposite the metropolis.

"What do you think you're playing at, taking pictures of me? Leave me alone!"

At the airport, we did some last minute shopping before taking the airplane.

The very last photograph I took before leaving behind the enjoyable cool air and back to the humid, warm Singapore.

Damn, I miss Hong Kong.




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