Friday, 29 February 2008

Remember abt the post i posted on the class blog? Betcha' forgotten right?! Nvr mind. I shall repeat wat i typed again:

I am going to make 41 sets of somewat like telephone that is portable. Information transmitted and received by infared waves (light and heat together that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and travels at the speed of light. Less energy as compared to visible light. The heat cant be felt unless it passes through sth transparent and hollow. The invisible light escapes and the heat is trapped in the hollow glass container.). The voices passes through small, thin pipes (dun forget tat the air that exits your mouth is warm and anything warm gives out infared waves) that amplifies your voice and at the same time the heat of your breath increases. The infared light is then separated from the air and sound from your mouth. The infared light's energy is increased by surrounding the infared light with aluminium foils (all six sides, like a cube) with a hole in one of the aluminium foils that allows the powerful, energy and intensity is increased greatly, that spreads out and reaches the telephone's receiver.

At the receiver, infared light is split into light and heat by using air (possible but not as good as glass). Like wat the scientist at works at the science centre did (she turned on the bunsen burner and placed a tube that surrounds the flame). The heat passes through small, thin pipes thatgives the air in it kinetic energy and produces sound. As the infared light is pulsed, the sound is pulsed and you can hear wat the person says.

One thing for sure is that it may not work, and i dun need people to pay me to do it. It is given free. Able to come in contact with water but may destroy the telephone thing.



During Chinese New Year, went to lots of places. Lots of photos taken too. The following above are the pictures (Some pics are dark as i took those photos at night)



Saturday, 9 February 2008

(Srry my 1st time posting if it sux then reflect it on the cbox)

Wow. 2dae went to chinese gdns and haw par villa. they said haw par villa was closed but it was still open, only tat most parts was sold to chinese gdns and some closed. First time visit to haw par villa. Then went to chinese gdns. beautiful scenery. took photos with phone but USB cord missing so cannot upload photo. srry. BTW 2dae newspaper said tat Ah meng the chimp died. Lets shuttup 4 a min to pay our respect to her. (JK!!! if you really want to do it go ahead. No one's stopping you. You can shut up till the cow comes home and i dun care).



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