Saturday, 18 September 2010

Yesterday I went to RV to perform. It didn't go badly, but it wasn't very good either.

So yesterday wasn't a good nor a bad day. First after lugging my electric guitar and my own amp to school (the school amps do not come with distortion settings and I don't have an effects unit), along with my NCC uniform, I realised I don't need all three of them. First there was no time for my band to be tested during music lesson since the two groups took up all the time. And then I realised for NCC we only needed to report in our school uniform. -.-

Anyways NCC ended really early (2 hours earlier than before) at 4pm. I left for RV afterwards carrying my guitar and uniform while I left my amp in someone's locker. Reached RV and met the president of the students' council. Cool.

Was escorted to the council room where I placed my stuff and then I left to look for my sister who was decorating the canteen. Then I was sent back to the council room again to practise that chinese song 月亮代表我的心. Before that, met Karissa, Alicia, Li Ting, Janice, all at the canteen.

Rehearsed with the council members before having dinner and finally going up on stage to perform just that one song. It didn't go too well; there was constant audio feedback, the classical guitar I used was too soft and very little was captured by the microphone, and I stopped halfway for a few seconds without knowing why. At least I didn't screw up that badly.

Then I went home after the event was over.

Today I went back to the studio again with the band without the singer again. So with my screwed-up voice I had to take over lead vocals again, and the result with singing was crap. But we finally managed to play together without screwing up until my guitar solo, which for some reason I cannot do a proper alternate picking, so one note was accented while the others were muffled. But we did play together in time without stopping or suddenly going out of time, which was a great improvement from the practice we had on last thursday where my guitar had a problem, the drummer gave wrong timing before and after my solo, and the singer had a problem with his voice at the end-chorus. What's more, I found a pick at the studio and the owner said I could keep it. It was much smaller than the one I use (a heavy gauge one) but it is much heavier in gauge (1mm) and it is made of another material such that my fingers won't slip when i hold it, unlike the one I used originally.

So, it wasn't a good or bad day.




Saturday, 11 September 2010


After around more one month (from 23rd June to now), I have finally passed the Basic Aeromodelling Wings Course. Although my flight didn't went too well. There was still wind, but I managed to control the plane. Then it flew right, and I did not estimate the distance correctly, so the model aeroplane hit the tree, dropped and hit a canvas shelter below, and tore the canvas. -.-

Well, at least I finally passed.

Then my friend and I were given a ride by the NCC (Air) commandant to Marina Square (from Yio Chu Kang). Had lunch at Raffles City instead after following my friend to City Hall interchange. Went to the food junction place. But the food was overpriced. I bought a plate of chicken rice for $4...

And I went home after that.

Another success today. But with every success, there will be a setback... =(




Friday, 10 September 2010

Ah, a success for the first gathering I organised.

Ok, maybe it was a success because it was a really simple one: badminton. Nothing special, no movies, no going to amusement parks. Just playing a sport.

So today at 4.20pm I went to the void deck waiting for Cheryl and Kelly to appear. Carina appeared out of nowhere under my block and Cong Yang did so afterwards. After that we went to the same place where Ming Wei, Yong Kuan and the others always play badminton on Sunday evenings. Met Yong Kuan while Brandon didn't bother to tell me he was coming.

So, seven people. Playing badminton.

This marks my first attempt at organising something. It was a success. Now to move on to the next thing: the 6G class chalet.




Wednesday, 8 September 2010


After enduring two boring days of lessons on aviation theory, I passed the test at the end and was promoted to corporal rank. Not a very big event, though, to counter the negative feelings I had after being kicked out of the competition.

4 more days to go before the end of the one-week September holidays. That would mean 4 more weeks to my EOY, and 7 more weeks to the end of school. So I have to start planning the chalet now...





Saturday, 4 September 2010

Another major setback in my life.

Today my group in NEmation 5 was eliminated. So we weren't part of the top 40. At first I thought it was a good thing, since now my holidays are freed and I can have more time for my music project. Until I found out that one member was busy the entire sept hols. Now I wished I were still in the competition.

No, I didn't wish I was kicked out of the competition (who would want to miss a trip to US? I've never been there before). But I did wish for my holidays to be free due to the pile of work i have, and that ongoing music project, and some other NCC stuff. And I got eliminated from the competition.

Now I feel depressed.

Lesson learnt - Be careful what you wish for. The outcome may not be want you want it to be...

And yes. My marks are officially deducted (although my percentage increased). Now I am no longer top for life sciences in my class because I had to minus extra 3 marks I earned from answering that question correctly.

Now I feel even more depressed.

Life sucks.




Thursday, 2 September 2010

It has been a long time since I have updated the blog. I just lost interest in it...

Anyway, recently, I was accepted into my school's Integrated Programme. Not sure if that will be a good thing or not. I learn more, but I won't be able to slack as much as before, and there's still a risk of dropping back to express classes. Damn.

Events - Teachers Day (1st September, dammit)

I have finally flown my first solo flight for aeromodelling (although I only flew two rounds before landing for fear of crashing onto people playing rugby just nearby). My flying was still erratic (it was never stable since I started flying). At least I never crashed (except for one in which the plane crashed into my friend - luckily propeller stopped spinning already and the speed very low...

Following that flying, I rushed to waterloo centre near bras basah MRT station for jam practice with my band in the studio. (My music project band, I have no real band yet). The drummer has improved greatly. I had to take over vocals as the vocalist wasn't there and the practice sucks due to my gruff singing with hardly any melody (I had to concentrate on the guitar parts, more important). But overall, we managed to play in time except the bassist who plays bass parts on keyboard, and we haven't played the outro chorus because of the change in key of the music and that he never practised the score i gave him. But still, it was a huge success.


Today marks were taken away from my Life Sciences paper AGAIN since the teacher decided not to count two questions she never taught us (which had a total of six marks). I scored for those questions (not full marks though) so marks were taken away. AGAIN. The last time I remember being cheated off my marks was when I got 94 for life sciences, due to moderation of 10 marks i got 104, and the school took away the 4 marks. So it was as good as saying that I only obtained 90 marks...





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