Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Yeah, I'm feeling nostalgic at the moment.

I've just received a belated birthday present from a pen-pal in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We met only once, when my school visited hers last year during the trip (check last year's archives), Le Hong Phong High School (I can't remember the exact name). She entered our school bus just as we were about to leave the school and we exchanged emails, so that was the only time I saw her. Well, we continued chatting via Yahoo Messenger, and now she actually took the trouble to send me a birthday gift from overseas, despite us having never talked face to face. I am grateful :) Her birthday's coming up soon, I shall prepare a present for her.

Anyway that's not the nostalgic part. Receiving a present from a girl (though this was just what it was - a birthday present) reminded me of another girl who gave me presents during Valentine's Day around 3 years ago. Now this was a Valentine's gift. Her letter reminded me of all the happy memories I had back when I was 12 and 13 years old. From stepping on each other's foot to tripping each other for fun xD Violent, but fun indeed. I would say we were a little immature back then, but well, that was the fun part.

We broke apart, but as of now we still remain best of friends. Well, we don't talk much because we're in different schools now, but when we meet up with the other people from my Primary six clique, there was no tension in the air. Of course, during the immediate aftermath of the break-up we never spoke for quite a while, but things became so much better in the end. And relieving these memories do not make me feel anger and hatred towards her; rather it made me smile. I guess I've matured xD

Time does fly fast indeed. In a blink of an eye I've aged 3 years, and I can't turn back (well, primary school was the best part of my life, not like now). But in a short span of time I managed to remember what happened during those times, and it makes me happy. Memories are really important to me. Although there were bad ones, I can only remember a bit of those bad things. I can't remember why we broke up, but it doesn't exactly matter now. And I do not wish to bring this up to ruin one of my best friendships, one that lasted, as of this year, 12 years. Yes, we met when we were four! xD

If you are reading this, the person who kept me happy as I turned 13 years old, just want to thank you for everything! I do not blame you for what happened in the past, but well, it does not matter at all, right now, because we're still best of friends.

Come to think of it, I've never written such a blog post before. Neither have I ever mentioned (or rather I don't remember doing so) my previous BGR. I must say I was a little bit paiseh ('embarrassed' fits this term but not really, more of shyness) during those times, but now I feel more mature xD in fact, so mature, that I keep looking back into my memories, which from what I heard, happens when you are old. Well... I'm only 16. But with a cloudy, blurry, cold path ahead, I guess it matters not if, to keep yourself happy, you look back at the brightened path behind you to feel a sense of warmth.

Now it's time to go back to reality where I have nine courseworks due in Wk 5 of the third term. This should be an adequate reason to be lost in my happy memories.




Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Today marks the day of my school's IP Symposium, where we learn about those Humanities-related stuff. We have to do something about the Millennium Development Goals thing. I don't really know what's going on, I do know it's about helping countries in need, but honestly don't get why the focus shouldn't be on agriculture. From agriculture, we can then start and focus on other things because our food supply is stable (assuming water supply is stable as well). However these goals... Let's just say I don't think they're that important until basic necessities are met.

Anyway it was a boring day today as there were no lessons at all. My interest in Japanese still not subsided, I went to the school library and found a book about Japanese, and realised the ease of reading hiragana as opposed to Hangul. While I just needed to read horizontally (or vertically) for hiragana, I have to examine the whole block of letters in Hangul before I know how to read it (because of the way it is arranged). I was even surprised that I could still remember hiragana, though none of katakana.

It's NCC Day Parade tomorrow. I'm just going to stand and stone in front of the whole school before IP Symposium starts again, and then I'll just continue increasing my vocabulary for Japanese.


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Monday, 2 July 2012

Greetings people.

I have been busy with coursework throughout the holidays. That is the reason why I never posted anything until now. Such a funny thing, these holidays. They aren't holidays at all. If this year were that bad, next year would be worse, for after the holidays come the exams immediately when school starts.

School started last week. I stayed back late till 6pm every day due to CCA commitments, which made me feel extremely tired by the time it was Saturday. And that's not all, for this week, I have to stay back everyday for volunteer work and CCA yet again (today being an exception as yesterday was Youth Day, so it's a holiday). I guess I'm running the unbeatable race again after a short rest.

I went for Chemistry Olympiad round 2 on Saturday and guess what? I left my pencilcase with my thumbdrive at Victoria Junior College. FML. Luckily the thumbdrive doesn't store any important data, and it was given by the school as a present, but for the pencilcase... I've used it for three years, it was given to me by my primary school friends, and now it's lost. FML.

Right now, I'm currently memorising hiragana for fun. After watching some anime (yeah, a great way to divert the attention from homework and brighten up my life), I have the interest in learning Japanese. I managed to memorise it in a day, but as for vocabulary.... Let's say I don't have the capability yet.

Also, Michelle, if you're reading this post, I can't seem to type anything in your tagboard. It always says "Failed to deliver the message". I've tried different browsers but they all failed.




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